Rainbow ThinPins Bowling Pins

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Thinner than traditional bowling pins for use in a variety of activities.

Set up these durable thin, 17”H polyethylene bowling pins close together for easier play, far apart for a greater challenge, or in a variety of other configurations for more games. They are 2” taller and 3” thinner than standard pins. Organize and store them in color-coded bags.

Thin Design, Big Challenge

With only a 2”W base and 3/4”W shaft, these pins are much harder to hit for added difficulty during bowling activities. Weighted bases give the balls extra stability, making them more difficult to knock down. Because more accuracy and power is needed when bowling with these pins, they are a great option for advanced students looking for a bigger bowling and target challenge!

Color-Coded Games and Storage

Bright Rainbow colors and color-coordinated storage bags make it easy to keep pins organized and ready to quickly set up games and activities. Get a full set of 60 (10 pins in each Rainbow color) to set up multiple games at once or create 1 large game for 1 large group. Pins also available in a Set of 10 in individual colors.