Rainbow SoftTail Set

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Unit:  Set of 6

Watch these durable and colorful SoftTails fly through the sky!

Take the fear out of tossing and catching games with a non-intimidating ball! These durable youth tossing balls feature bright colors and a friendly design to encourage play.

Durable, Friendly Design

Tough nylon construction makes these balls soft to the touch, while also protecting them during consistent use indoors and out. Nylon will not break down or deteriorate. It will also endure being tugged on and stretched when throwing. The mesh texture is soft and friendly to the touch, and the balls themselves are lightweight foam and easily handled.

The design of SoftTails takes away the fear of tossing and catching. When using these balls, students do not have to be perfect when they throw or catch—they just have to be in the vicinity of balls to catch it by the tail. The combination of vivid Rainbow colors and a 36"L tail make it easy to spot balls in the air and track their flight path.

Intriguing Game Options

Teachers can easily incorporate these balls into various games and different activities. Use them for tossing and catching drills, or use them instead of a baseball during game play setting. Set also includes activity instructions with several games and scoring options. Teachers can put their own spin on classic games or invent a few of their own to keep students engaged and excited.