Rainbow RecessReady Sport Balls

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Sports Rainbow recess balls with the non-intimidating, premium construction of a playground ball!

These rubber playground balls create the perfect intersection between hardcore sports and gentle playing. Your students can develop key skills without worrying about the intensity that comes with a standard sports ball. 

Ideal Texture

These playground balls have a tough two-ply construction, making them perfect for bouncing around on the pavement or the court. They are also softer and lighter than their standard sporting counterparts, so your students can play hard without worrying about injury or the sting that official balls can cause. 

Development Friendly

Official sports balls can sometimes intimidate or even sting beginning students. RecessReady balls have a soft texture and reduced weight designed for those who are still developing basic skills and mechanics. Keep your students on track without any harsh discouragement.

Colorful Versatility

Our only sports ball made for the playground, these come in a range of rainbow colors. Use the diverse arrangement to design color-focused drills. Incentivize shooting free throws or catching passes by making the red or blue ball worth double points.

Rainbow RecessReady Sport Balls Options

Rainbow RecessReady Sport Balls are available in Sets of 6. 

  • Footballs, Size 4, Intermediate
  • Soccer Balls, Size 5, Official
  • Basketballs, Size 7, Official