Rainbow Low-Bounce/High-Density Uncoated-Foam Balls

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Unit:  Set of 6

Large foam balls provide an "empty" bounce for a more predictable rebound that's ideal for skill development.

Heavy-duty, uncoated high-density foam provides a reduced bounce, making it ideal for early lacrosse, floor hockey, baseball, and more. A perfect teaching tool for young students just beginning to develop their skills in these sports.

Safe Learning Experience

Specifically designed to stay grounded as much as possible, these balls help students stay safe while learning important skills. Young students will be able to learn and master various sports without worrying about getting injured.

Quality Design

The low-bounce design of this foam ball makes it a great option for keeping activities contained, even in locations where space is limited.

Excellent Versatility

These low-bounce, high-density balls are great for a variety of sports, as well as tossing and catching activities. The bright colors of each ball make them easy to track during play and to organize after the game is over. Available in a Set of 6. 3.5" dia.