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Rainbow Itty Balls Pack

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Unit:  Set of 12

They may be small, but these tiny Rainbow playground balls are mighty strong!

These 2.5" dia rubber playground balls lend themselves to a wide variety of activities without sacrificing bounce and durability!

Small but Mighty

These itty-bitty balls feature the same great construction as our full-size playground balls. The two-ply premium rubber cover is soft to the touch, but incredibly durable. It will not crack or break down, even with everyday use on blacktop or concrete surfaces. The tough cover protects the integrity of the ball, and ensures years of play.

Highly Versatile

These palm-sized balls open up endless play options! The unconventional size teaches creativity and encourages students to think outside the box and hone their skills during any activity. Practice shooting and passing in lacrosse, spice up racquet and paddle games, or keep batters on their toes in baseball or softball games!

Appealing to All Ages

Younger students will find it less intimidating than a regular-sized playground ball, and older students will enjoy the challenge of aiming with a smaller ball during target and knock-down games. All will appreciate the stippling on the cover, as it allows for an enhanced grip and better control.

The Rainbow set of 12 balls features 2 balls in each of the Rainbow colors.