Rainbow IntroFit TACtonic Slam Balls

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The most grippy and pliable kids' slam ball we offer!

These slam balls feature a new squishy texture to help younger students squeeze every bit of velocity–and fun–out of introductory throwing exercises. Likewise, extreme tackiness keeps students in control during overhead movements and partner tosses. These balls also absorb energy on impact for a low bounce after throws and slams.

Non-intimidating 8 lb balls provide a vigorous workout, yet are suitable for most ages and allow for greater success in the gym. The lighter weight helps entry-level athletes pay close attention to their form before graduating to heavier slam balls as their skills and fitness improve. These light, pliable balls are suitable for most training areas, including hardwood floors. 7" dia. Rainbow set of 6 includes a laminated exercise guide, which keeps students training rather than pausing for direction between exercises.