Rainbow Hoop Jumpers

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Unit:  Set of 6

Easier than rope jumping, so hula hoop jump ropes are great for beginning jumpers.

Teach the fundamentals of jumping rope, without the intimidation! These hoops maintain a consistent arc while spinning helping young students practice the timing associated with jumping rope. Their lightweight and simple design provides a great upper-body workout, to build muscle memory and confidence.

High Quality Construction

High quality, thick plastic makes these hoops a durable option for beginners in your jump rope unit. When used properly, they won’t touch the ground, helping the hoops last for years of introductory use. To create a tailored experience for each student, simply disassemble the arc, trim the plastic accordingly, and reassemble. 

Brighten Up Class

Our fun Rainbow colors give kids vibrant options to choose from, lending excitement and friendliness to introductory activities. Colors can also be used to designate teams for group activities or relay races.