Rainbow High-Density Premium Fleece Balls

As low as $49.95

These are the best colorful fleece balls you can buy.

Very high yarn density makes these heavier, easier to throw and catch, and more durable than less expensive yarn balls. Washable, 100% orlon yarn is tightly gathered to resist picking.

Perfect for Skill Progression

The heavier fleece construction gives students a soft training option that is utterly safe to toss, catch, and roll. As students become very comfortable with fundamental skills, they can easily progress to a heavier ball, then to actual sport balls.

Premium Design

Premium yarn and a heavy-duty design make these the best fleece balls we offer. They resist picking and fraying, making them perfect for institutional use. Multicolored balls add a fun pop of color. Vibrant Rainbow colors allow teachers to easily vary activities and enhance tracking for students. Color varies on individual balls.