Rainbow FitPro Classic Mesh Vests

As low as $6.75

Introductory, mesh scrimmage vests in fun colors for organization!

These medium-intensity, economic vests are highly durable. They are lightweight and easy to move around in, thanks to oversized neck and arm openings. Students will enjoy the feel and fit, while teachers appreciate the practicality.

Fantastic Introductory Design

Lightweight polyester construction is highly versatile. These vests are ideal for elementary and middle school students engaged in medium-intensity games and activities. Vests are simple to put on and take off, helping younger students get ready for games more quickly. A large tag makes it easy for students to find their correct size.

Designed for Ease

Oversized neck and arm openings make using these vests easy, even for young students. An 1/8"W elastic waistband ensures the vests don’t slide up. When the vests get dirty, simply throw them into the washing machine. No hand washing required!

These vests are among our most affordable options for group play. Use the the color-coordinated design to easily create teams and eliminate confusion, while giving students the option of choosing their favorite colors.

Vest Options

  • Medium. Ideal for elementary students.
  • Large. Ideal for middle school and high school students.
  • X-Large. Ideal for larger students and adults.