Rainbow DurabiliTee Batting Tee

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Unit:  Set of 6

Extremely durable tees with reinforced base connectors stand up to the toughest batters!

Get long-lasting equipment for your tee ball unit that will hold up to years of institutional use. A reinforced base piece on the ball tee eliminates cracking, while virgin rubber construction provides outstanding durability even when left outdoors. Adjust the height of the tee anywhere from 20" to 36"H.

Long-Lasting Design

Heavy-duty virgin rubber construction stands up to water and sunlight without becoming hard and brittle. The tee's reinforced neck connection makes the tee last longer, while also preventing breaks from occurring at the base. While smooth bottom tees can slide during use, the grate bottom on these tees keeps them stable on all surfaces.

Easy to Set Up

To set the tee up, simply insert the tee into the connector on the base. The tee then easily slides into place, and does not need to be bolted in. The textured tube ensures that when the tee is at its desired height, it stays put and does not sink. Adjust the tee from 20" to 36"H.

This is the only tee set we offer that features Rainbow colors. Tee base measures 17"L x 17"W; 11 lb.