Rainbow Coated-Foam Team Handballs

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Unit:  Set of 6

Lively handball ball with amazing grip is perfect for throwing games!

Enjoy a high bounce from this high-density foam ball built for long-term use for users of all ages. The perfect size and built-in seams give students an amazing grip and an accurate throw.

Premium Design

Slightly heavier than regular foam balls, the high-density foam in this handball offers accurate feedback for students working on throwing and catching skills. Molded-in panels simulate the feeling of a traditional handball, while the foam ensures safe game play. The premium, pick-proof cover allows the ball to stand up wear and tear of consistent, fast-paced play.

Excellent Versatility

The size, weight, and density of this 5-1/2" dia ball makes it a great option for introducing a wide variety of sports skills to young students. The ball is perfect for learning how to pass, receive, and shoot.

Quick Organization

Use the fun Rainbow colors to break up the class into 6 colorful teams for activities. Or use the colors to organize drills for different handball skills, such as having all players with yellow balls work on passing.