Rainbow Coated-Foam Ball Pack Two

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Larger balls in softer densities are just right for younger students.

Designed for beginners, these larger, softer balls make for a non-intimidating introduction to a wide range of activities and skills. Students can learn the fundamentals without fearing the ball!


  • Our standard coating allows these balls to keep a perfectly round shape and protects premium foam from sharp objects and moisture.
  • Textured coating increases grip, giving students total control and accuracy during throwing and catching activities.


Younger students will love the non-intimidating, friendly feel of these foam balls and find themselves more apt to exploring the basics of new sports and activities. The pinnacle of safe playground equipment for schools, these balls feature a larger overall design that's easier to handle, along with softer, squishier foam to encourage participation.

Easy Storage

Store balls within the VersaBag mesh bag for instant organization in your storage closet and quick transport for your next class. Small-gauge mesh allows sufficient air flow for even wet balls to safely dry after being put away. The XX-Large bag holds 23 volleyballs or 16 basketballs and features a cord closure with convenient slide lock for simple security.

Pack includes:

  • Rainbow ClassicCoat Squeeze Coated-Foam Balls (6 Ea 6.3", 7" dia), Set of 12
  • Rainbow ClassicCoat Versa Coated-Foam Balls (6 Ea 6.3", 8.25" dia), Set of 12
  • VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag, 1 Ea