Rainbow Big Bopper Birdies

Unit:  Set of 6

Throw it, catch it, or smack it with a racquet!

Whether hit with a paddle or a hand, these flexible, jumbo-size feathered birdies “float” through the air, so they’re easier to hit and track successfully. These are our only oversized birdies with actual feathers, allowing them to float gracefully during play.

Great Teaching Tools

Their size and lightweight construction make them perfect teaching tools for improving hand-eye coordination. They fly slowly when thrown or hit, allowing students to track them easily and make adjustments to get a good hit or catch.

Foam Base

A foam base makes these birdies easy on hands and racquets. The friendly foam bases also make for gentle throwing and catching, giving students a non-intimidating option.

Rainbow Colors

These birdie sets come in a vibrant Rainbow Set of 6, adding a fun pop of color to any game. The colors also make for easier tracking and classroom organization.