QuickTurn Speed Jump Rope Pack

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Packs of jump ropes with comfortable, tapered handles and ropes in bright Rainbow colors!

Durable Construction

Thick, 1/4" dia PVC rope material holds more momentum to turn ropes quicker and maintain consistent speed. Single-piece PVC construction eliminates weakness from seams. The ropes withstand skipping off almost any surface indoors or out, and make a distinct clicking noise on contact to help students with their timing.

Single-piece molded plastic handles are thicker than others, ensuring they'll stand up to routine institutional use. Measuring 5-1/2"L x 1-1/2" dia, they're easy to grip and offer superior stability in at any skill level.

Different Lengths and Colors

All ropes offer a marker on the handle that allows students to quickly identify the length. Rainbow colors are optimal for organization, facilitating quicker setup and cleanup. Available in 5 rope lengths.

Rainbow Rack Pack includes 30 jump ropes (1 set ea 6'-16'L) and a Magnus Jump Rope Rack.