QuickTurn Segmented Ropes

As low as $21.95

Exclusive, comfortable handles and extra durable plastic links make these perfect beginner ropes!

Beginner jumpers will love the dynamic feel of segmented ropes and be reminded of when to jump with audial cues created by the rope. Exceptional durability makes these ropes a top choice for institutional settings. Choose from a wide range of different lengths and colors, easily identified for organization and recognition.

Exceptional Durability

Segments also won’t crack or splinter when hit against hard surfaces. Beneath each segment is a lightweight nylon jump rope that won’t fray or split over time. Each segment measures 1-1/2"L.

Each 5-1/2"L polypropylene handle is tapered for supreme comfortability and grip that builds confidence. They’re also much thicker than other handles on the market and are best suited to institutional use thanks to their added durability.

Easy Identification

Ropes come in 6 sizes, with the length of each rope printed right on the handles. Students will recognize their size in seconds and when it’s time to put ropes away, numbers make it easy to organize appropriately. Different colors also make it possible to affiliate color with size for instant recognition by students.

Rainbow Rack Pack includes 30 jump ropes (1 set ea 6'-10'L) and a MeasureUp Portable Jump Rope Rack to store it all.