QuickStart 36 Foam Tennis Training Balls

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Unit:  Pack of 12

Designed specifically for the QuickStart Tennis Teaching System, making them perfect for beginners.

These larger, brighter, friendlier foam balls allow lower elementary students to learn the fundamentals of tennis in a friendly environment that inspires confidence. Measuring 10% larger than traditional tennis balls, they're easier to handle and hit. Vibrant yellow and red paneling allows for easier tracking during play. Foam construction is soft and safe yet reactive to hits and bounces. They're also designed for shorter 36'L courts, so any beginner can confidently defend their turf and muster enough power to send the ball back over the net. With easier volleys and less ground to cover, these balls build confidence and excitement for even your youngest players. Designed for students aged 8 and younger. Available in a Pack of 12.


  • Red and Yellow color
  • 2-3/4" dia – 10% larger than regulation balls!
  • For instruction and practice
  • Recommended for indoor use