Premium Bowling Carpet

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A realistic, heavy-weight bowling lane carpet that simulates an actual bowling lane!

White locator dots and arrows on this carpet help students see where they should roll the ball. The carpet lies flat for consistent ball rotation and conveniently rolls up for easy storage.

Easily Simulate a Real Lane

This carpet makes it easy to set up a bowling lane on any flat, open surface. Simply roll it out and it's good to go! White dots and arrows on the carpet are easy to see against the red and blue pattern. These markers indicate where students should aim when rolling the ball to hit specific pins. The length and width of the lane (27'9"L x 39"W) creates an accurate representation of an actual bowling lane so students can develop their skills using an official game's distance and width. If balls roll off the carpet line, consider them gutter balls!

Easy to Use

At 25 lb, the heavy weight allows the lane to stay flat for both indoor and outdoor use. It will not gather in areas during use and there is no need to weight each end. When the game ends, simply roll up the 3/10" thick carpet for easy transportation and compact storage.