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PowerTech Training Plates

As low as $105.00

Set beginner lifters up for a proper starting position with these durable training weight plates!

Introduce beginners to weightlifting with lighter weight plates that mimic their heavier counterparts! With weights as light as 5 lb and the exact diameter of standard bumper plates, new lifters can practice proper form and easily progress to heavier weights.


  • Thick, durable plastic withstands the wear and tear of repeated drops.
  • Exact diameter of standard bumper plates, allowing users to start from the proper position.
  • 5 and 10 lb weights are manageable for beginners.
  • Molded construction ensures plates maintain their shape.

Set Options

  • Complete Set. Includes 4 plates (2 Ea 5, 10 lb)
  • Pairs
    • 5 lb
    • 10 lb