Poull-Ball Set

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Inclusive team game gets every player of any ability involved as they throw, deflect, and block an oversized ball thrown at an inflatable cube!

With no sides, teams can play anywhere in the play area as they work their way toward a cube at either end during Poull-Ball. Players can take up to three steps before passing the oversized ball to a teammate. Dribbling is not allowed. They need to pass the ball at least three times before taking aim at the cube. If a player takes more than three steps or a team does not pass the ball three times before taking a shot, the ball is turned over to the opposing team. Teams earn 1 point each time they knock the cube off the stand. They can earn 2 points if a player deflects a ball thrown by a teammate or an opponent and knocks the cube off the stand.

Set includes 2 inflatable vinyl cubes (20"L x 20"W x 20"H), 1 inflatable PVC ball (55 cm dia), 2 stands with rubber bases (36"H x 18"dia; 48 lb ea), and activity instructions.