Portable Sinks

As low as $1,949.00

Portable sinks encourage kids to hand wash their hands anywhere!

When in the classroom, at lunch, or on the playground, kids may not have immediate access to running water to wash their hands. Portable sinks allow you to bring the sinks to where the action is. Highly durable stainless-steel faucet, sink, counter, and base stand up to consistent use. Manual foot pump is easy to use and does not require electricity. 5-gallon jug supplies enough water for 50-60 hand washes. Move the entire system to wherever it’s needed on four 4" casters and lock them to keep the sink in place during use. Each sink includes a 5-gallon jug for clean water and a 6-gallon jug for wastewater. Premium model also includes a large magnetic board for announcements, a paper towel dispenser, and a hands-free soap dispenser. Use indoors or out, but store indoors between use.

28"H Counter. 34"L x 19"W x 47"H. Ideal for grades PreK-5.

  • Standard, 85 lb
  • Premium, 95 lb

34-1/2"H Counter. 34"L x 19"W x 53"H. Ideal for grade 6 and up.

  • Standard, 105 lb
  • Premium, 115