Permanent Aluminum Benches

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Heavy-duty construction and superior quality create an ideal aluminum bench for sports fields at schools!

These aluminum player benches stand up to the elements and give players a comfortable spot to still all season long. Heavy-duty construction is perfect for institutional use.

Long-Lasting Construction

These permanent benches include a sturdy, anodized aluminum-alloy seat and heavy-duty galvanized-steel legs for long-lasting use in the outdoors. Strong benches will not sag under the weight of an entire team.

Choose from standalone flat benches or benches with a backrest. Flat bench without a back allows users to take a seat or stand up from either side for maximum accessibility; while benches with backs offer increased comfort. Both are available in four lengths. Assembly and in-ground installation is required.

Bench Options:

  • Permanent with Back, 38”W x 10”H
    • 6’L, 44 lb
    • 8’L, 80 lb
    • 15’L, 129 lb
    • 21’L, 173 lb
  • Permanent without Back, 18”W x 10”H
    • 6’L, 31 lb
    • 8’L, 51 lb
    • 15’L, 80 lb
    • 21’L, 105 lb