Pea-Style Whistles

As low as $1.25

Choose from 3 pea-style, official referee's whistles to suit your school or team needs!

Available in 3 styles, each whistle features unique construction, pea material, and tone to deliver a highly recognizable sound. Pea whistles are easy to use and cover a variety of situations, from sports and activities to warning signals and start/stop functions.

Durable, Long-Lasting Design

The plastic construction of the Bakelite and Acme Thunderer 660 whistles make them an superb choice for institutional use. Cork peas are resistant to moisture and keep the interior of the whistle free and clear of debris, including moisture that might cause the pea to become stuck. Acme Thunderer 60-1/2 is built for longevity thanks to nickel-plated brass construction.

  • Bakelite Whistle. Provides consistency through its plastic construction and cork peas. This whistle is non-intimidating, lightweight, and can be used by virtually anyone.
  • Acme Thunderer 660 Whistle. Designed with simplicity in mind. Lightweight plastic construction and cork pea material make blowing into it and emitting a tone easy.
  • Acme Thunderer 60-1/2 Whistle. Nickle-plated brass option makes the shrillest tone when blown for an unmistakable call for attention. The pea causes the tone to be erratic, creating intonations that will cut through all other noises.