ObstacleArc Mini Tunnels

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Unit:  Set of 6

Whether used separate or attached—course ideas are endless with this versatile, bottomless kids' tunnel!

Adjust for Any Activity

Tailor the tunnel to meet the needs of activities. Connect them all with hook-and-loop fasteners for use as one 12'L tunnel; or teachers can separate them for use as two 6'L tunnels, three 4'L tunnels, or six 2'L tunnels depending on the game and number of players. The 22"W openings are even wide enough for scooters to easily pass through. Bright colors make it easy to identify teams and create checkpoints.

Lightweight and Strong

The PVC plastic frame keeps tunnels standing strong during use. Polyester fabric is durable and lightweight. An overall rugged construction allows for both indoor and outdoor use without fear of damage. The 6 tunnel sections are easy to break down and fold for storage. Hook-and-loop fasteners make it easy to attach or detach sections in moments. With all sections connected, the tunnel is 12'L x 22"W x 27"H. Assembly required.