NutriPlay FoodGroup FlagTag Set

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Put nutrition into play with action-packed, feud-of-the-foods flag belt activities.

Practice selecting healthy foods and maintaining a balanced diet while staying active with this food group game. This custom activity pack features flags and coated-foam balls with printed food graphics from all 5 food groups, as well as junk food items.

Stay Active to Stay Healthy

The main FoodGroup FlagTag game features 2 teams in a race to capture balls from the other team. One is the vegetable team trying to capture veggie dodgeballs, and the other is the fruit team trying to capture the fruit balls. Eight students are designated “junk food” taggers, pulling flags and freezing players as they collect balls. Students can move again after completing a specified exercise and get tagged by 1 of the 4 “healthy helpers.” The first team to gather all its balls wins.

All games featured in the included activity instructions focus on combining activity with lessons about nutrition. Other activities involve placing flags around the gym and racing to collect and put them on their belts, performing exercises to earn a flag, or players linking arms and working as a team to gather food group balls.

Inclusive Pack for Instant Play

The custom pinnies are made of nylon for long-lasting use. The junk food pinnies display a junk food logo, while healthy food pinnies feature apples, broccoli, and cheese. The pack includes 6 red balls with fruit designs and 6 green balls with vegetable designs. Each coated-foam ball measures 7” dia.

The flag belts have hook-and-loop fastener lining the entire outside, allowing for flag placement anywhere on it. Each belt comes with 6 multi-color flags with a food picture on them.

Pack includes 2 junk food pinnies, 4 healthy pinnies, 12 coated-foam balls, a large mesh bag, flag belts with flags, and activity instructions.