Numbered Plastic Cones

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Unit:  Set of 10

Quickly designate stations, activities, and more with numbered plastic sports cones.

Want an easier way to organize drills and classes? These 12”H cones feature a 4”H number printed on the front, which can add a lot of convenience for a variety of uses.

Easy Organization

Station numbering just became easier than ever with these numbered cones. Quickly divide your students up into different groups and drills, placing them at any of 10 numbers and saving plenty of time for your planned activities.

Made to Last

A durable polyethylene design makes these cones more durable than most other plastic cones. Despite this durability, the cones are pliable to spring back into shape if they are stepped on or hit.

The numbers are printed on each cone, preventing peeling from students or heavy use. Set includes numbers 1-10.