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Catch "Nitro Fever" with this new twist on a classic game!

Get ready to bend all the rules with this volleyball spinoff! In this action-packed game, players hit, pass, and serve the nitro balls with a downward motion, ensuring they bounce on the ground before crossing over the net. Our NitroBall™ PE game is easy to learn, fun to play, and keeps your students moving!

Volleyball with a Twist

This unique game is essentially an inverted version of volleyball. The NitroBall is larger than a standard volleyball but has the same weight, providing a friendly, lightweight feel for students. The net is lower to the ground and the ball needs to bounce off the court before going over the net.

The standard court typically measures 78'L x 36'W. Play begins after a player serves the ball. If the ball doesn't make it over the net, touches a player of the serving team, strikes something other than the net, lands out of bounds, or the server steps out of bounds, the other team earns the serve. The ball must bounce on the court before every strike. Similar to traditional volleyball, no player can hit the ball twice consecutively, and each team gets up to 3 hits when the ball is on its side. This game uses rally scoring, so a team scores a point every time the ball is served. The first team to 21 points wins.

A team earns a point when:

  • The ball bounces twice in a row on the opponent's side
  • The opponent cannot return the ball within 3 hits
  • The opponent hits the ball out of bounds
  • The opponent commits a fault or foul
  • The ball is not legally returned

Click here to view the Instruction Booklet.

Pack Options

  • Basic Pack. Includes 2 balls (9" dia), 1 net (32'W x 36"H), a storage bag, and activity instructions.
  • Deluxe Pack. Includes everything in the Basic Pack, plus 2 black Intentus Portable Game Standards.