Mikasa V200W Official FIVB Composite Volleyball

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Leave it all on the court with the official Mikasa volleyball of the 2020 Olympics!

Featuring a perfectly balanced, 18-panel design, the V200W's premium composite leather cover is perfect for high-performance indoor play. The double-dimpled microfiber surface stabilizes the ball during flight for enhanced ball movement and gives players greater control.

This aerodynamic volleyball is further enhanced by Mikasa's patented anti-sweat functionality, preventing the ball from becoming slippery during intense play. Vibrant colors optimize visibility for better tracking and maximum excitement on the court. Highly flexible nylon windings and a butyl bladder keep the ball's shape for years.

Meets all NFHS, NCAA, IVBF, and USAV specifications and is the official ball of the FIVB. Official size and weight.