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IronRange Hybrid Bars

As low as $289.00

Versatile weightlifting bars can be used for Olympic or power lifts!

These hybrid weightlifting bars have medium whip, making them suitable for everything from dynamic Olympic lifting to static, heavy powerlifting. The bar will oscillate a moderate amount during lifts, allowing Olympic lifters to take advantage of some bar flex while allowing power lifters to keep the bar steady during deadlifts and squats.

Constructed from the same superior American steel as our other IronRange bars, these multipurpose bars are available in men’s and women’s sizes with 3 finishes and can be used with all styles of weightlifting.

Choose the right bar for your students:

  • Mesabi (Men’s)
    • 190k PSI tensile strength
    • 20 kg (45 lb)
    • 28.5 mm dia
    • 86.5”L Overall
    • 16.5”L Sleeve
  • Cuyuna (Women’s)
    • 165k PSI tensile strength
    • 15 kg (35 lb)
    • 25 mm dia
    • 78.5”L Overall
    • 13.5”L Sleeve


  • Oilite self-lubricating bronze bushings provide a smooth spin and zero maintenance.
  • Medium whip.
  • Medium knurl.
    • No center knurling.
    • Knurling all the way to the sleeves.
  • Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting knurl marks.
  • Dual snap ring construction provides secure attachment of sleeve to bar.