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Instrux Yoga Mat

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The yoga mat that comes with an instructor, right on the mat!

Students new to yoga will appreciate having clear, concise instructions in front of them as they attempt new poses. Each instructional yoga mat features bright printed diagrams and easy explanations of fundamental poses.

Self-Directed Instruction

With 20 common yoga poses brightly illustrated on the mat, students can start practicing as soon as class begins. Each mat contains essential poses that are the foundation for all advanced poses, including tree, warrior, triangle, and others. Students can simply look down at the mat to improve their form with efficiency and ease. Autonomous learning also ensures students can learn at a comfortable pace. As they become more proficient with certain poses, it's easier to take the next step towards more advanced positions.


  • Students don't need to wait for further instruction to progress—movements are right there on the mat!
  • Slip-resistant material won't slip out from under users, keeping them safe during stretches.
  • High-contrast illustrations are easy to read.
  • The practice of yoga engages core muscles to provide an excellent total body work out and enhance balance, flexibility, posture, coordination, and strength.
  • By using a combination of exercise and breathing techniques, yoga provides a total body workout that has both physical and mental benefits. In most yoga classes, the focus on the physical poses (called asanas) can be done quickly to increase heart rate and develop strength, or more slowly to increase stamina, improve balance, and promote flexibility.

Mat measures 68"L x 24"W x 1/8" thick.