Instrux Stability Ball

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Take all the guesswork and planning out of stability ball workouts!

Get on the ball and get moving with a premium balance ball and instruction, all rolled into one.

An All-in-One Experience

Teach students proper form and a variety of balance exercises and movements without the need for additional materials. Clear, concise instructions and start-to-finish poses for 10 exercises are printed right on the ball for quick and easy reference. Students won't have to wait for instruction or limit themselves to the pace of the entire class, and can instead work through the motions listed on the ball to tailor their own workout. Just grab the ball and go! Visual instructions are clearly detailed and easy to understand, preventing miscommunication that can come with written descriptions or verbal commands.

Total-Body Workout

Each successive exercise printed on the body ball puts emphasis on a new core group of muscles, making it an all-in-one warm-up and workout tool.

With a quick glance, students will be able to observe start-to-finish instructions for the:

  • Leg press
  • Wall squat
  • Reverse leg curls
  • Side leg lift
  • Lower back extension
  • Oblique stretch
  • Plank push-up
  • Crunch
  • Standing chest press

The instability caused by the shifting nature of the ball creates intensely targeted benefits that make even the simplest workout tremendously beneficial!

Safe Design

When properly inflated, the rotomolded ball is burst-resistant up to 500 lb, ensuring safety during all exercises listed on the ball. The seamless shell eliminates weak points and minimizes bursting potential. A tacky grip surface also ensures controlled handling to prevent slippage or awkward shifts in weight that could lead to injury.

Includes a foot pump, measuring tape, and inflation instructions. For best results, inflate Instrux Stability Balls in stages according to included inflation instructions. 55 cm.