InReach Custom Learning Pack

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Everything needed to encourage development of motor skills and proper technique during Adapted PE classes.

Easy, lightweight, non-intimidating equipment in bright colors allows you to customize the PE learning experience for any student of any ability. Vary activities from student-to-student and hour-to-hour. Students will stay active in an inclusive environment with a PE focus. Visual teacher boards clearly show students the activity to perform.

Encourage and Build Motor Skills

With equipment specifically designed to encourage and promote motor skills, teachers can set up an adapted curriculum that offers the same benefits as a general PE class. Students are encouraged to participate in games and drills that involve throwing, kicking, catching, and jumping, each with different pieces of equipment to support these actions. This lets teachers evaluate each students' understanding and execution of skills.

Pack includes a variety of balls and jump ropes, each offering its own game and activity options. Equipment can be combined in stations and circuits for comprehensive teaching, or focused on individually for specific units.

Non-Intimidating Equipment

Friendly gear in bright rainbow colors lets teachers customize the PE learning experience for any student of any ability. All included equipment featured is lighter than official balls, making them easier to hold, catch, and throw. Visual teacher boards with images and instructions clearly show students the activity to perform. This helps adapted students who learn better by seeing the skill.

Pack includes:

  • Rainbow Bull's-Eye Catch Set, Set of 6
  • VersaGrip Bowling Ball, 1 Ea
  • InReach Biggie Soccer Ball, 1 Ea
  • InReach Screamin' SoftScore Footballs, Size 3, Set of 6
  • InReach Screamin' Soccer Balls, Size 5, Set of 6
  • Gopher Supra Basketballs, 2 Ea (1 Ea Size 5, Size 6)
  • InReach Screamin' Coated-Foam Balls, 7" dia, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Braided-Polyester Jump Ropes, 8'L, Set of 6
  • InReach Teacher Boards, Set of 6