InReach Bell Ball

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In the air or on the ground, students learn tracking skills with this jingling ball!

The sounds of this bell ball engage students with vision impairments or those on the spectrum, encouraging them to stay focused on the activity. Foam construction ensures the ball is friendly and non-intimidating.

Engage Auditory Senses

Instead of watching the ball, students can rely on their listening skills to keep track of this ball. The bells inside create a non-intimidating sound that's easy to recognize, helping familiarize students with certain activities and games that drive motor skill development.

Non-Intimidating Construction

Ball is made of soft, durable foam and makes throwing, kicking, and catching easy and safe. The ball's construction is hollow, allowing bells to move freely and create noise. Students can also squeeze the ball for added grip. The 8" dia size is large enough to offer a tactile experience, while being small enough to use across a wide range of games and activities.