GymGuard Floor Protection System

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Protect your gym floor from scuffs and stains during nonathletic events.

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Keep your gym floor protected from harm whenever it’s not in use! An ultra-durable three-ply fabric contains reinforcing polyester mesh yards coated evenly with PVC on both sides. Use either side up—each way, the floor covering will lie smooth and flat!

Gym Floor Protection

Most school gyms are multipurpose areas, so they have to hold up to a lot more than just sports and gym class. Dances, concerts, graduations, and other community activities bring in a lot of heavy foot traffic, which means a variety of shoes and items that could cause scuffs, stains, and impact damage. Tough GymGuard floor covers will protect the expensive investment of gym flooring from all of these situations.

An ultra-durable, three-ply fabric contains reinforced PVC coated polymer mesh on each side, which is extremely durable and meets all fire codes thanks to its flame-retardant properties. The fabric also exceeds requirements from OSHA and the ADA for slip-resistant surfaces, and is waterproof, rot- and mildew-resistant, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Use either side facing up—each way, it will lie smooth and flat.

The system comes in in 10’W sections for easy handling by 2 people when putting it out. It is highly recommended to overlap each section by 6” to 12” to keep debris and moisture from getting under the covering.

Color and Weight Options

Schools can choose from 5 weights, depending on usage, as well as multiple color options. The 18oz cover is meant for occasional use (6 times a year or less), the 22 oz for 6-12 times a year, the 27 oz cover for 12-23 times a year, and the 32oz cover for constant use (24 or more times a year).

GymGuard Floor Protection System Options

The GymGuard Floor Protection System is available in 4 weights. Specify number of 10'W rolls and dimensions of rolls.

  • Floor Covers. Specify color: Royal, Light Blue, Navy, Purple, Red, Maroon, Orange, Yellow, Gray, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Black
    • 18 oz
    • 22 oz
    • 27 oz
    • 32 oz

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