GripCable Machine Accessories

As low as $23.95

Quality cable weight lifting accessories!

Expand the range of workouts available on your cable machines with our unique grips and accessories. You'll have a plethora of new exercises to choose from, without the hefty price tags that come with specialized equipment.

Versatile Workouts

Broaden the scope of your upper-body workouts by using different fitness cable attachments! They optimize your existing cable machine for specific movements, adding layers of usability you'll wonder how you exercised without. Each attachment is designed for a specific movement, changing the way you do lat pull-downs, seated rows, bicep curls, and more. You'll hit muscles you've never hit before and maximize results without injury.

Great Construction and Durability

Each attachment is thoughtfully crafted from the toughest materials for quality equipment you can thrash. Injection-molding fuses rubber handles to our Pro Lat Bar and Curl Bar, while our Triceps Press Bar, Chinning Triangle, and others feature knurled metal grips for optimal comfort and control. Durable storage Rack keeps all accessories organized (sold separately).

Pack Options

  • Complete Pack. Includes all 7 accessories (1 Ea Lat Bar, Pro Lat Bar, Curl Bar, Chinning Triangle, Single Cable Grip, Triceps Press Bar, and Triceps Rope) and a storage rack (23"L x 23"W x 41"H; 30 lb).