Gopher Replacement Blades

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Replacement blades for Gopher's tough and versatile PowerPlay Hockey Sticks.

If the blades on your Gopher PowerPlay Hockey Sticks are starting to show their years of use, replace them with these exclusive blades. All are available individually in gray or black.

  • Textured Polyurethane Blades. Hold up to rough outdoor surfaces while preserving indoor floors. A perforated design make the blades more aerodynamic for more power and speed when swinging the stick. Ideal for use with ABS, Reinforced ABS, and Wood Shafts.
  • Textured Nylon Blades. Reinforced with fiberglass to hold up to rough outdoor surfaces, yet will not damage indoor floors. Fiberglass is able to withstand up to 25x the strength of steel per pound. Perforated design makes the blade more aerodynamic for increased speed and power. Ideal for use with Aluminum and Fiberglass Shafts.