Gopher Rainbow Midsize Aluminum Tennis Racquets

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Unit:  Set of 6

Our most popular midsize tennis racquet, in Rainbow colors!

Practice accuracy and aim with a balanced racquet that accommodates beginner and intermediate tennis players. Rainbow colors provide quickly organization and keep students on task. These are our most popular midsized Rainbow racquets for ages 12 and up!


  • Midsize Head, Wide Body
  • Aluminum with I-Beam Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 27"L, 12 oz

Teach Control and Handling

The midsized head of this 27"L tennis racquet quickly slices through the air to connect with tennis balls, and a 95 sq in face ensures consistent accuracy. A synthetic leather handle wit han ergonomic grip provides comfort and mitigates the risk of slipping when swinging, even with sweaty hands. Nylon strings offer great playability and help students to get comfortable with shot placement rather than power. Aluminum construction and overall 12 oz weight are ideal for beginner to intermediate players.

Great Organization

These tennis racquets come in 6 Rainbow colors, making it quick and easy for you to set up your lesson and get students involved. Assign specific colors to students to pair them into teams for volleying drills, or set up skills stations to help promote better accuracy, power, and teamwork. Each color offers quick identification for activities, keeping students on task and focused.