Gopher Rainbow G3000 Steel Badminton Racquets

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Unit:  Set of 6

Our lightest full-size badminton racquets in Rainbow colors!

Make it easier for your students to learn new badminton skills with these extremely lightweight steel badminton racquets! Featuring a 26"L frame and weighing just 3.9 oz, this racquet has a unique combination of size and weight that makes it a favorite in gym classes with beginning players.

High-Quality Design

Constructed with an aluminum head and tempered-steel shaft, this racquet allows students to be agile on the court. Its isometric head shape increases the sweet spot, providing students with a larger area to hit the birdie. Each racquet comes with responsive braided nylon strings, which combine with the larger sweet spot for supreme control. A synthetic leather grip further increases handling for better shot placement and power.

Quick Organization

Our bright Rainbow colors provide quick organization of drills and activity. They also make storage a breeze, helping teachers organize equipment while not in use.