Gopher Indoor/Outdoor Hoop Disc Target Set

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Unit:  Set of 9

Versatile design is great for disc golf and other target games—indoors or out!

The most affordable hoop disc target system we offer is a versatile tool to teach students about throwing accuracy. Mix hoop sizes and heights for fun challenges. Teachers can also position the targets at varying distances to cater to all skill levels.

Great Versatility

Three hoop sizes—18", 24", and 30" dia—as well as 3 pole heights—30", 40", and 50"H—make for numerous configurations that teachers can tailor to meet all skill levels. A push pin mechanism lets them swap smaller hoops for larger, or vice versa, on any height pole. Numbered flags securely attach to targets via hook-and-loop fasteners.

Supreme Durability

Made with ABS tubing, teachers can count on these disc golf targets to stand up to consistent use. Each target includes a weighted base for added stability. When used outdoors, the base keeps the target upright on uneven surfaces or in windy conditions. Indoors, the base keeps targets sturdy without marring floors. Bases detach for storage.

Economical and Affordable

The versatility of these hoop targets, combined with their overall durability, ease of use, and simplicity, make them a great choice for disc golf units. Teachers can also use them for other activities such as football accuracy tests or beanbag tosses.

Set Includes:

  • Hoops, Set of 9 (3 Ea 18", 24", 30" dia)
  • Poles, 9 Ea (3 Ea 30", 40", 50" dia)
  • Flags, 9 Ea
  • Weighted Bases, 9 Ea
  • Rainbow AirRanger Discs, Set of 24