Gopher G1000 Mini Twin-Shaft Steel Badminton Racquet

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Twin shafts make this our strongest steel badminton racquet for young children.

Double the shafts means double the strength for this beginner badminton racquet, making it ideal for heavy use by younger students in an institutional setting. A slightly shorter 20”L frame enables better control in younger hands, and an oval face that builds in tolerance for error in swings and serves. This is the most durable mini racquet we offer.


  • 20"L Frame
  • Tempered-Steel Construction
  • Coated-Steel Strings
  • 4.6 oz

Incredible Durability

Twin shafts instantly double the racquet's resilience, making them perfect for beginner players. The steel frame and coated-steel strings are nearly indestructable, best suited to rugged play often indicative of beginners. The heavier frame easily withstands accidental drops, racquet clashes, and other mishaps common to an institutional environment.

Easy Handling

Despite its heftier construction, students ages 6 and under will have no trouble quickly and accurately swinging this racquet thanks to its intuitive design. A condensed 20" shaft length makes it simple to serve. An oval face accommodates more hits without the need for pinpoint accuracy. An ergonomic grip improves handling and control for great volleys close to the net.