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GoLow Limbo Set

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The ultimate limbo set that is easy to set up, adjust, and includes music!

See how low you can go! Weighted bases stabilize numbered support poles for easy setup and precise positioning. Adjust the limbo bar to 12 heights in 4" increments.

Simple Setup and Play

This limbo set takes moments to piece together. Simply position the weighted bases and support bars, put the limbo bar in place, and start the music! As students pass under the stick, it can quickly be dropped down in 4" increments to make the challenge more difficult. When done, everything disassembles quickly for simple cleanup and storage.

Safe Design

This set is a perfect, non-intimidating introduction to the limbo for younger students. Uprights push into weighted bases, preventing them from tipping over during play. The support pole fits easily into the crossbars, and it will fall down when bumped for a visual cue that it was hit. The bar is extremely lightweight, so it won't injure players if it's jarred loose.

Complete Set includes 1 limbo bar (60"L), 2 numbered support poles (66"H), 2 weighted bases (11 lb ea), and a music CD.