Golf Balls & Tees

As low as $5.95

For the range or the green, Gopher's got the golf balls and golf tees you need.

A wide assortment of golf balls and tees helps you to tailor your students’ hitting experience based on their skill level and the activity at hand. Versatile tees further hitting ability and get students comfortable using all types of clubs.

A Range of Golf Balls

Available in a wide variety of materials, weights, and colors, and in a variety of quantities: Set of 6, Dozen, or Pack of 120 with a storage bag.

  • Assorted Rewashed Balls have been retrieved, washed, and clear-coated, and are ideal for everyday hitting activities. They provide authentic feel and playability, quickly acclimating students with how to approach a shot.
  • Lightweight Practice Balls are made of hollow plastic and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. The hollow design limits distance off of the club and ensures that even big hits fall harmlessly to the ground within a limited range.
  • White or Orange Plastic Practice Balls are lightweight and durable, designed with porous plastic that limits distance and controls flight. Great for hitting practice off of a tee or driving mat, indoors or out.
  • Miniature Golf Balls are great for practicing your short game. The Rainbow coloring of these balls also allows students to claim their favorite color and stay organized during class periods.
  • Foam Practice Balls are completely safe for even the youngest students to use and provide great playability off of a club face. They’re oversized (2-1/2” dia), soft, and less intimidating than plastic golf balls.
  • Vinyl Practice Balls are durable yet lightweight, and waterproof for use indoors and out. The oversized (2-1/2" dia) design allows students to gain confidence in their swing and easily connect with the ball.

Versatile Tee Options

  • Solid Wood Tees are the traditional choice for setting up the perfect drive and represent a cost-effective solution to driving for schools teaching golf. Wood tees measure 2-1/8”L, allowing for a range of heights when teeing up, for better loft and more control over angling. Available in a Pack of 1,000
  • Rubber Tees can be reused again and again to provide a fixed height for driving. Minimum breakage makes them a cost-effective choice for heavy institutional use, both indoor and outdoor. These tees measure 1-3/4”L. Available in a Pack of 25.