Giant Jacks

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Jack up the size and fun of a favorite traditional ball and jacks game!

A player tosses a ball high into the air and races to grab a jack from the center circle, letting the ball bounce only once. If the ball bounces twice, the player is fouled, and the next player takes a turn. The player with the most jacks at the end of the game wins!

Fast-Paced Fun

Instead of sitting around a circle of regular-sized jacks, this game requires players to get up and move! Because the premise of this ball and jacks game is to be quick and nimble, players get a great cardio workout as they race to beat the bounce. Easily adjust the pace and tempo of the game by positioning jacks and students closer or further apart.

Durable Construction

Rotomolded plastic pieces stand up to use indoors or out, for a game that can be played during PE class, at recess, and before or after school. Despite a reinforced construction, equipment is lightweight and easy to handle. Jacks and ball stand up to institutional use. Transport and store jacks in the included carrying bag.

Great for Young Students

This giant game is friendly for younger players, offering them a chance to succeed while playing the game. Pieces are easy to pick up while a student is running and the concept of the game itself is simple to understand.

Complete Set includes 12 GiantJacks (9"L x 11"W), 1 playground ball (8.5" dia), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions with new twists on traditional jacks.