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GamePlay RingSwing Set

Ships Soon, Estimated Ship Date is 10/07/2022
Unit:  Set
Teams compete to land more rings on their side of the swinging targets!

Combine strategy and hand-eye coordination as two teams battle it out in this ring toss riff! Teams line up on opposite sides of a frame in the middle of the play area to play RingSwing Toss, attempting to land their rings on the frame's hanging hooks. As the hooks start swinging from contact with the 10" dia rings, players will have to adjust their timing and throwing angles to hit the moving targets. But watch out! Opponents can use their rings to knock yours off the hooks as they swing. At the end of a predetermined amount of time, count the rings remaining on the hooks for each team. The outside hooks are worth three points, while the coveted center hook is worth five. The team with the most points wins!

Students can also get hooked on game variations like Hooked RingSwing, where each team is assigned just one hook to aim for. This amps up the strategy involved. Players must decide whether to toss at their own hook to increase their score, or toss at their opponent's ring to reduce their opponent's score in lieu of increasing their own.

Set includes 1 ABS frame (45"H x 41"L) with 2 rubber bases (33 lb total), 3 Rainbow Sets of 6 foam rings (18 total), and a VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag.