Fun Gripper Soccer Balls

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Special-grip material makes these balls great for getting a grip on soccer skills!

Fun Gripper Soccer Balls are a colorful, grippy pathway to skill development and acclimation to any game! Textured and fun to grip, these balls bridge the gap between foam and regulation balls.

The Perfect Grip

A soft, textured cover on each Fun Gripper allows for a perfect grip. Extra friction improves accuracy for young students, allowing them to dribble with confidence and take more shots on the goal.

Non-threatening Design

Comfortable on hands and feet, goalies won't fear getting in front of the ball, and players won't shy away from passes from their teammates. Shins won't hurt stopping the ball.

Thick, soft nylon fabric covers stand up to routine use, indoors or out! A butyl-rubber bladder provides excellent air retention, so there's little to no time spent on reinflating, even after long periods of use. Bright Rainbow colors add a pop to games, increasing excitement and ball-tracking as students can clearly see flight paths. Size 4.