Fun Gripper Disc

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Special-grip material makes these Fun Gripper Discs great for introducing and playing sports.

Fun Gripper Discs are a colorful, grippy pathway to skill development and acclimation to any game! Textured and fun to grip, these discs bridge the gap between foam and regulation discs.

The Perfect Grip

Whether catching or throwing, a soft, textured cover offers the perfect grip. Comfortable on hands, students will love catching the tacky rim of these discs and feel confident as they hit their mark with accurate throws. Students will build fundamental skills and demonstrate more enjoyment in disc-based sports!

Non-Threatening Design

Thick, soft nylon fabric covers stand up to routine use, indoors or out! The comfortable and familiar design of these discs makes them great for teaching basic skills. The soft outer rim completely eliminates sting during catches, making students more eager to participate. A butyl-rubber bladder provides excellent air retention, so there's little to no time spent on reinflating, even after long periods of use. Finally, bright neon colors add additional fun for younger students. The colors also aid in ball tracking as students can clearly see flight paths. Colors and graphics may vary.