Floor Hockey Balls

As low as $3.95

Soft and safe hockey balls for all ages!

Choose balls in varying sizes, materials, and colors to fit your students' needs. They will appreciate having high-quality, long-lasting balls to keep games flowing smoothly!

Increase the Challenge

Want to add a greater challenge to your floor hockey games? Swap out pucks for balls! They travel much faster than pucks and make the game a little more difficult for students. Purchase balls individually or in various colored sets to help improve class organization.

Floor Hockey Ball Options

  • Shield Speed Control PVC Balls. Ridges minimize bounce and enhance control. Slower than a standard hockey ball, yest faster than a puck. 3" dia.
  • DOM GymHockey Vinyl Balls. Pliable surface is safer and less intimidating for younger children. Soft vinyl composite for indoor/outdoor use. 2-5/8" dia.
  • PowerPlay PVC Balls. PVC rolls smoothly over multiple surfaces with minimal bounce.
  • Mylec Official Floor Hockey Vinyl Balls. The official floor hockey ball of leagues in Canada and the United States performs consistently in a variety of temperatures and on all surfaces, indoors or out.
  • Shield Hex PVC Balls. Soft, hexagon shape is designed to slow the ball down and keep bounces low for safer play. 2-3/4" dia.