Fleece Ball Bonanza Pack

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Unit:  Pack of 72

Premium fleece balls are great for a wide-variety of activities.

Friendly Game Play

High-quality fleece balls have a soft and friendly feel, making them safe for students of all ages and skill levels. Perfect for a number of tossing and catching activities from introductory to advanced. Made from tightly wound 100% orlon yarn, these balls are guaranteed to resist picking so they last for years. After routine use, simply wash them to stop the spread of germs and keep them looking new!

Wide Variety

Choose from 2 densities:

  • High-density fleece balls have a very high yarn cownt so they're heavier, easier to throw and catch, and more durable.
  • Medium-density fleece balls are lighter and slower in flight for slower game play and more success with younger students.

Easy Organization

Bright colors are attractive to students of all ages. The vibrant colors are also easy to track, and make it quick and easy to organize drills and skill practice.

Fleece Ball Bonanza Pack includes 48 Rainbow High-Density Fleece Balls (24 ea 3" and 4" dia), 24 Rainbow Medium-Density Fleece Balls (12 ea 3" and 4" dia), and a VersaBag Mesh Bag.