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EnormaRelay Pipeline Relay Race Set

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Oversized relay race uses half pipes to create enormous fun!

A twist on a classic pipe and marble relay race, EnormaRelay uses larger half pipes and golf balls for bigger challenges. Divide the class into six teams of up to 5 players and give each player a half pipe. Line up behind the start line and the first player on each team sends the ball down their pipe. The next players races to line up their pipe to receive the ball, and this continues with each player until the team crosses the finishes line without letting the ball touch the ground. If a player drops the ball, the entire team returns to the start line to begin again.

ABS plastic half pipes allow players to see the golf ball as it runs through the relay. Miniature golf balls are Rainbow-colored for easy team identification. Set includes 30 half pipes (16-1/2"L), 6 golf balls, a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions with exciting game variations that include lining up the pipeline or not allowing the pipes to touch.