Eclipse Ball Balls

As low as $49.95

Oversized, lightweight balls let students play Eclipse Ball using their hands, feet, or head!

Play a quick game of Eclipse Ball without needing to find racquets! Students can instead use any part of their bodies to pass the Eclipse balls to a teammate or hit them over the net. Incorporating the 14" dia Jr Ball into Eclipse Ball games lets students play according to the original game’s rules, but it floats slower than the original ball and is easy to hit without a racquet. The shape of the 14"L x 9" dia Oval Ball leads to more random bounces, passes, and volleys for an increased challenge. This unpredictability also encourages students to think quickly to chase down the ball and make plays.

Both balls include a heavy-duty PVC bladder and a durable nylon cover that’s ideal for use indoors and out. Inflate balls using a standard inflator needle and air pump.

To play Eclipse Ball without racquets, start by setting up a court using your own volleyball, badminton, or Eclipse Ball net. With an equal number of players on each side, teams volley the ball back and forth by hitting it with their arms, legs, or head. Players can double hit the ball, let it bounce once between hits, and pass it as many times as they wish before hitting back over the net. The ball must pass over the net at least three times before a team can score a point. The first team to earn 21 points wins!