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EasyGO Ground Level Disc Target Set

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Lightweight, ground-level disc golf targets make it easy to set up a course on the go!

Take these portable disc golf targets with you and use them anywhere for students of any ability! Simply place the hoop in the holder and attach a numbered flag to indicate the number of the disc golf hole. It takes just seconds to set them up, and it’s just as fast to take them down for compact storage. Each flag is a different Rainbow color, making it simple to identify holes at glance.

Each target consists of a DuraHoop Hoop (30" dia), an ABS plastic HoopStandz Hoop Holder (11"L x 11"W x 5"H), and a numbered PVC flag (10"L x 6"W). Complete Set includes 12 targets, 12 flags (numbered 1-12), 24 AirRanger Plastic Discs (9" dia), and a DuraBag Duffle for simple transportation and storage of all supplies.

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